We give you straight, plain legal advice. Nothing is more valuable than an ability to get to the heart of the dispute, and work out the likely result quickly and correctly.

For over 34 years Chris Wall has dealt with a huge variety of matters, negligence, personal injury, defamation, contract, commercial disputes, property damage and everything from the Dog Act to the Trade Practices Act. Chris’ role has always been “general counsel” at Walker Gibbs & King P/L. He is expert at looking through material, organising it and getting to the heart of the dispute in a minimal amount of time. He will give you cost effective legal representation. He has an enviable record of success in litigation.

We do not do civil work on Legal Aid.


It is particular important to have a mediator who understands a variety of areas of dispute, and has a broad legal background, to enable settlements to be “reality tested” and ultimately put into legal form.

It is good idea to have legal advice prior to mediation, or legal assistance at mediation, depending on the dispute.

If you want to approach us to mediate a dispute, it is important that you say so from the start - we can’t give you legal advice or act as your solicitor and also act as a mediator.

Chris Wall has practiced as mediator since 1992. He has a broad range of experience in civil and criminal matters, family and partner law, and estate litigation. He is able to quickly understand and assist parties as mediator.

Chris holds appointments as a mediator for the Building Services Corporation, and Department of Fair Trading. He has been engaged to assist in training and assessing mediators in training.

Chris mediates as an independent person who assists the parties to negotiate, and arrive at a settlement they can live with, that so far as possible meets the needs of the parties, without giving legal advice in the course of the mediation.


Chris Wall did a large volume of criminal work for a period of 25 years.