ESTATES: Planning, wills and disputes

Let us show you how quickly we can deal with a deceased estate. Too often estates are allowed to drag on unnecessarily. We can help.

If there is a dispute, we will give you honest and intelligent advice directed to solving it.

More than any other area, with estates, estate disputes, estate planning and wills, you need a lawyer with experience.

It’s no use doing a will that might be challenged or set aside. We will use a comprehensive and intelligent approach to achieve your objective.

Usually you do not know when you will die, who will be alive when you die, and even what you will own then. Wills and estate plans have to be drafted to cope with these changes.

Your first objective with a will should be to make sure there is no dispute after your death.

For over 34 years Chris Wall has been handling disputes over wills and estates, and challenges to wills. For about the last 12 years he has handled the making of wills, and done estate planning. His background in dealing with disputes gives him a unique insight and ability to avoid those disputes… or solve them if they arise.

Chris keeps up-to-date with the law relating to wills, estates, estate planning and challenges to wills.

His experience as a litigator and qualifications as a mediator along with the numerous estates he has handled and continues to handle means there is no better person to go to.