FAMILY & PARTNER: Esp Property Division

With children the first option has to be counselling or family mediation. If a party won’t attend counselling or mediation, or there has been violence or a high level of conflict, or the parties just can’t work out their own solution, we can help.

With division of property, each party has to make full disclosure of information and documents and have advice to negotiate a settlement.

If the parties can arrive at a settlement, that should be put into legal form. Transfers of property may be exempt from stamp duty and there may be a capital gains tax “rollover”.

It is important to get division of property right from the start. Making sure there is a full exchange of information and documents, and all important matters relating to assets, debts and financial contributions and needs are investigated before starting on a serious negotiation usually saves money in the long run, and leads to a greater level of early and binding settlement.

For over 34 years Chris Wall has practiced in family and partner law. That means that he knows the area, and can work efficiently at a reasonable cost to you.

Chris stays up-to-date with changes in Family Law, and is a member of the Family Law section of the Law Council of Australia.

Ask about the possibility of a fixed fee.

We do not do family or partner work on Legal Aid.